Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Blue Hair

Hey everyone!!
This will be a post on the hair that I got done for prom back in May. This was the first time I had ever dyed my hair, so I thought I would share my experience with you guys!
 I was going to prom with a  mermaid-y vibe (Coincidentally enough, when we got there the theme was under the sea!!) so I decided that I wanted temporary blue hair. My amazing hairstylist-neighbor went and got some turquoise and blue dye by Tigi I believe...It was a white tube with silver writing, and it was temporary. No mixing, just squirt it in a bowl and paint it on the foils. She showed me some techniques for doing the highlights, and I chose to have some just blue, some just turquoise, and some mixed. Took about an hour to get them all in, and it had to sit for about 20-30 minutes, which flew by because we talked to much hahaha. Then came the time to wash it out with a color shampoo/conditioner. I had virgin hair before this, meaning I had done no dying whatsoever, (aside from wash out highlighter wands) so we were a bit worried it would slide out, but low-and-behold! It worked great and turned out fantastic!!

Loved the color, loved the service, (Like, of course! Thanks Katlyn!) and LOVED wearing it and getting weird looks. Hahaha no really, it's quite funny! And sometimes I would even forget why they are looking at me weird, and I would look in a mirror later and be like OH right...I have blue hair.

In September, be sure to look out for another hair color post because my hair will be turning PURPLE on my 18th birthday!!!

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