Thursday, April 28, 2011

Fresh Spring Nail Tutorial

I got this awesome mint color polish from Sally Hanson and wanted to use it for something springy, and came up with this! I decided to share it with y'all, because it is super easy, but absolutely adorable, and will put a smile on your face every time you look at your nails =)

Ew, sorry about the un-groomed eyebrows! Guess I know what I'll be doing tonight =P
Sally Hanson Double Duty Strengthening base and top coat, Hard as Nails Extreme wear polish in Mint Sorbet, Nail Art Pen in Light Pink (or pink polish and a brush) and some tiny silver crystals. You can TOTALLY switch up the colors of everything and use whatever combo you want. Orange and purple, blue and green, pink and purple, be creative!

I picked out 10 silver ones =P

Start out with a dry base coat, then add 2 coats of Mint Sorbet (or color of your choice), letting each coat dry.
With your nail art pen, or polish and small brush, draw an outline of a flower. It doesn't have to be perfect. I like how they turned out different and unique. 

Fill in the flower.

While the polish is still wet, take a tiny silver gem and apply to center of the flower. Let dry, then apply a thick top coat. 

And your done! Here is the finished look =) I did this on my toes as well, but only drew flowers on the big toes.

 I hope you all enjoyed!!

Sophiiee =)

Butterfly Wings (outfit of the day 4/28/11)

Today was quite ugly where I live. I was chilly, and raining cats and dogs, with the lights in the house flickering on and off from time to time. So I decided to dress up all bright and pretty on a dark and ugly day. (Later on the sun came out and it got hot and humid so I had to change, but oh well!) I LOVE this top. I got it as my fave consignment shop (haha of course) for only $1.50!! It's so pretty, spring-ish, light and feminine. When I wear it I go all out girly, with flowers, butterflies, and pretty blue, pink and purple pastel makeup. (tutorial on that soon)  Oh and I got the name from the sleeves of the shirt. All wing-like and all xD Here it is =)

Sneak peek of the makeup tutorial I will be posting soon. =)

Top is thanx collection (who? haha)
Jeans are Refuge by Charlotte Russe
Jewelry all unknown
Shoes are Dexter from Payless

Hope you enjoyed, and I will try and post again tomorrow!!

Sophiiee =)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Excuse

This is my excuse for not blogging in a week.

I don't have one.

Tomorrow I am going to be working on a video or 2 for prom that me and my friend Morgan made for Prom Prep! (link to her blog below)

Seeya soon!

Sophiieee =)

Morgan's Blog

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Polka Dot Shoes

In a recent haul post, I had posted a picture of some red and white polka-dot heels. SO cute, but kinda hard to find something to go with them in my wardrobe for some reason. Oh well, there's a reason to go and buy one right? ;D
Here is what I was able to pull together. Look's like fourth of July, but oh well! It's cute.

Haha it got kinda windy outside.

The jewelry. I did'nt have many matching accessories either, so I gotta go jewelry shopping too! ;D

Hope you enjoyed!

Shoes by Pierre Dumas, from a consignment shop.
Skirt by BB Dakota
Tank top by L.E.I. from Walmart
The jewelry are gifts.
Makeup: Sky blue shadow, champagne on inner corner, and black winged liner with red lips.

Sophiiee =)

Monday, April 18, 2011

Prom Night!

So if you keep up with my blogs, you know that I went to prom on Saturday. (April 16th)
It was absolutely freaking awesome.
Here is a play-by-play of how my day went.

I woke up at 6:15 in the morning (TOO EARLY) for a shooting match that was an hour and 1/2 away. My date Mark was on the team too, so we got to hang out all morning. His dad came to pick us up at around 11, so we had plenty of time to get ready for prom.
I arrived home around 12:30. I went down the street to pick up the boutonniere, and came back home to get ready.
As I was doing my hair, my sister came up saying there was a tornado watch in our area. That freaked me out a bit. Thankfully, the watch ended in our area, though another city not far from me did get hit.
The worst thing that came from the weather was humidity. And if your a girl, humidity=frizzy hair OR in my case, hair that will NOT hold a curl. I curled it twice, but it still fell out. Oh well, it still looked pretty.
I continued getting ready, washed my face, did my makeup (post on my hair and makeup later) and had my sister tie me into my dress. I timed it just perfectly, having a few extra minutes to just chill and pack some after-party clothes before Mark got to my house. He arrived at 4:30, and we did the corsage and boutonniere, and lots of pictures, and then we left for his house. There we got more pictures taken, and then the limo arrived with the rest of our group. There were even MORE pictures, and then we were off. We had some time till out 6:15 reservation and Bonefish,  so we decided to stop by no other than, Walmart! A couple of the guys got 5 Hour Energy for later that night, and I got a Kit Kat bar. So then we went to the restaurant. I ordered the burger, Mark got Bang Bang Tacos. While we waited on our food, we asked for some crayons because there was a paper tablecloth. So everyone got some crayons, and there were tic-tac-toe games, and pictures everywhere.  We finally got our food, it was very very good. I had my friend Sara help me loosed the ties on my dress though. xD It was a pretty decent sized burger! But i managed to eat it all. After dinner, we had even more time to spare before prom, so we rode the limo over to Ross, and goofed off in there. So finally, it was time for prom. We arrived at 8, when it started, but no one was there yet so we hung out in the limo for another 20 minutes, and yes got more pictures, haha. Then, we had the limo driver pull up, so we arrived in style. ;D
The prom was just amazing. Tons of dancing, lots of breaks from dancing, and priceless pictures.
we left prom a little bit early, because people were already starting to clear out. The limp dropped us off at Marks house, and we all changed and headed to Marks friend, Austins house. There, we just chilled, talked, and I mainly slept, haha. It was 2am, so I had been up for nearly 24 hours.

Here are some pictures of that special night =)

Our Walmart trip =D

Inside the limo!!

At dinner =)

All the guys. (Alexander in the middle)

The whole gang. Half serious, half gangster xD

Moonroooooof! Me and my friend Sara.

The girls =)

The guys at the after-party. Austin, Cody, Mark, and Jordan.

The girls at the after-party. Taylor, Me, and Kylie.

I had so much fun at prom! I hope you enjoyed this post, and your prom is just as special =)

Sophiieee =D

Friday, April 15, 2011

Skincare Routine (Prom Prep)

So as I've posted before, my prom is this Saturday. I am going to try and do prom prep posts before then. Even after then, if I didn't get time to post some. So today's post is my skincare routine! What I am doing to keep my skin clear, fresh and glowing for prom.

It starts in the shower. What I like to do is turn on the shower super hot, and let the bathroom steam up while I go and get my shower basket from my room. The steam and hot air helps open your pores, therefore getting a deeper cleansing, leading to clear skin! Also, exfoliate once a week. Three times is okay, but can lead to irritation. I use my Got2B Clean Apricot scrub. (This is something I got on sale at big lots, I highly recommend the St. Ives Apricot Scrub instead.) I follow that with my normal face cleanser as well.
So I'm thinking maybe I should tell you guys what type of skin I have, so you know this will work for you. During summertime, I have normal skin. During winter, I get super dry skin. Since it is warm weather where I live right now, It's pretty normal. The only problems I get are with sweating when I walk super fast outside or exercise. (duh xD ) The only time I get breakouts now-a-days, is during that time of month, and I only get a couple. When I do get them though, I hold a hot washcloth onto my face to open my pores, (this is whenever I don't have the shower steam to open them for me) wash my face in the morning with my acne cleanser, and night with my acne cleanser and Neutrogina wave, then use my Clearasil Pimple Blocker Pen. (That thing is a lifesaver!) And they go away!  After I wash my face I use a toner. I can't stress enough how important toners are! After you wash your face, your pores are open. Using toners (or witch hazel) helps close them, so that the lotion doesn't get deep into your skin, or makeup or sweat doesn't clog your pores, leading to breakouts. I have some friends who get acne, (most have oily skin, and do sports so they sweat a lot) and I'm like "Well you use a acne wash, toner and lotion right?" They go, "No I just wash my face and use lotion." Well there's the problem! Toner is a LIFESAVER!
Then of course, after that I use lotion. Since prom is coming up, and I have been using a tanning lotion on my body, I want me face to match right? So I take my regular lotion, and mix a pea size amount of my tanning lotion with it and apply to my face. Now, Jergins has a formula made for face, but I'm already spending a lot and need to save my money for other things. Plus, I've been using this method for a couple weeks and haven't had a problem.
Ok, so I didn't finish talking about the shower part. I use shampoo and conditioner (duh) I leave the conditioner in for a good few minutes after I run a wide tooth comb through it, that way my hair gets super soft. I try to rinse with cooler water, since it closes the cuticle and leads to healthy hair and more shine, but sometimes I don't want to shower in cold water, thank you very much.
After, I use the Jergins Natural Glow Daily moisturizer all over. That stuff is amazing!! I can't believe how much color I have just in a couple of weeks. I am definitely going to be using this from now on. I wish I could show you before and after pics, but silly me didn't think of that soon enough. =P But trust me, this stuff works! JUST GET IT! (I got the one in fair to medium skin, just an FYI)
For my nails, I use a orange stick (or cuticle pusher) to push my cuticles back while they are soft, so it won't hurt. I also take a foot buffer and use that after showers as well, for soft feet. I tend to walk barefoot a lot, so my feet get really rough. Don't forget to hands and feet with lotion and cuticle oil daily. At night, I use both and put on socks and gloves. I wake up with suuuuuuper soft hands and feet! (And healthy cuticles to boot!)
Ok, this isn't really skin, but it is part of my prom prep. I brush my teeth morning and night. Flossing at night. I use a toothpaste that is whitening, and then after I brush, I dip my toothbrush in baking soda and brush for another couple minutes and it definitely makes me teeth whiter and brighter. I only recommend using this nightly just for special occasions, because it eats the enamel on your teeth. For normal use, just use three times a week.

So I think that is about all, below I will post pictures of the products I use, and a short overview of my routine.

All of the products I use, (minus the toner.)

My Neutrogina wave and the foaming pad.

This is my apricot scrub, but like I said above, i highly recommend the St. Ives one.
Neutrogina Alcohol-Free Toner, and Bobbi Brown Face Tonic (same thing, but the Bobbi Brown is better. Ha should be it was $20 more!) The lotion is the cheap, store brand, but it's mimicking the Neutrogina Oil Free Face Lotion. Works just as well!

Ah! Pore strips! I can't believe I forgot this super important step. I use these once a week (twice since prom is coming up) because I do have bad blackheads on my nose. These are the Biore Pore Strips.

Ok, so this overview is going to be on days where I don't shower.
1) Hold a hot washcloth to face to open pores.
2) Wash face warm water, using the neutrogina wave with a pump of my Biore  Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser (Or the neutrogina grapefruit splash acne wash, but the biore I find leaves your skin feeling tingly clean, which I love!)
3) Rinse, then use toner.
4) Use a pore strip if necessary. Remember, only once a week, max three times only if necessary!
5) Use a mixture of face lotion and pea size amount of the Jergins tanning lotion.
6) Floss teeth, brush with whitening paste, then brush with baking soda. Also I use the OraBrush. Highly recommend!
7) Then the Jergins lotion again, all over body.
8) Lotion and cuticle oil on hands and feet, then cover with socks and gloves, and go to sleep!
Morning- (I only do this if I have breakouts)
Steps 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. 7 If you are looking for a deeper tan.

Overview of shower-days-
1) Let steam fill the bathroom.
2) shampoo and conditioner combed through hair, left in for a few minutes.
3) shave
Steps 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 then 8 of the previous overview, but if you take morning showers, omit the gloves and socks xD

So I hope you guys found this helpful!!

I'll seeya tomorrow!

Sophiieee =)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Walmart Haul!

Sooo todays post will be a little haul of stuff from walmart. A bunch of things that I have been eyeing for a while.

So...not much to say, I guess we'll jump into it!

LOVE this color!!! (and btw, I have no other makeup on...I'm keeping my face fresh for prom!)

Yeah...its upside-down...sorry bout that!

Got this because  someone on youtube suggested it. and I love it!

running out of concealer....again xD

Top row is used wet, bottom row dry.
So the products pictured above are things I swear by.  Absolutely amazing! I will try and do reviews on all these products later, along with my skincare routine.

I hope you all enjoyed! Sorry for the lack of posts, I have been super duper busy this week.

See y'all later!!

Sophiiee =)