Thursday, December 30, 2010

YEAH! Finally I am putting up the before and after pictures of my lashes from the reveiw I was doing on Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Mascara.
Here are the before and after pictures, and this is actually over a course of 6 weeks, because i procrastinated. But the results are amazing!

Before: bare lashes

 After: bare lashes

They really are a TON longer!!

Before: with mascara
 After: with mascara

So overall, I love how long they are, and totally recommend this!!
So that is the end of this reveiw! I hope this helped some of ya'll.

Seeya next time!

Sophiiee =D

Sunday, December 26, 2010

It snowed!!

So lastnight, in the little town i live in, it snowed =)
So of course I went out and got pictures!! Some are so cliche, like the train tracks and snow, but hey, I added a little special something. A hobo. hahaha
Here they are!

 Someone rode their mule and carriage to a open restaurant! So cool!

 woah....scary looking..

And of course I got a picture of this street....I don't know why I love it so much.
Well thats all for now! We are getting more snow, and might go sledding again tomorrow. So look forward to more!!

Sophiiee =D

Friday, December 24, 2010

Wintery Makup Tutorials!

Hey! So I actually have time to blog!! haha!
So today for work, I did candy cane eyes!!
I did not create this look, but I did take out some steps. I thought the purple and black eyeshadow the Guru here added was a little dark and harsh for the holidays.
So here is her version:
Candy Cane Eyes

And here is how mine turned out!! I got TONS of compliments on it!

And also, today I stopped by Sallys Beauty Supply and got some more cosmetic glitter! I love this stuff, and its only $1 each!! But I got light blue, navy, and white, and got inspired to do a frosty, snowflake look. Here is how it turned out, and I will post instructions below. =)

So first, take a white base or eyeliner and put all over lids and inner corners, then blend.

next, take a glitter base or a lip balm, something sticky to hold the glitter, and dab a very little bit into lids.  I used Palmers Coco Butter Swivel Stick

Now, take the white glitter, and white shimmer powder, and mix together.

 Apply all over lids, adding more glitter or shimmer as necessary. Don't forget to add the shimmer to inner corners!
Now, taking your white eyeliner, or white liquid liner (i strongly suggest that for a more precise application, but I don't own any...yet =D ) and as if you were making wings, draw a snowflake design on your eyes. Do whatever design you want, and if you have a stencil, even better!! Then take the white shimmer powder again, and pack it onto the design, with or without stencil. Either works. If without the stencil, take a fluffy brush, and dust away allllll the excess shimmer. You will have shimmer on your face, but thats okay, we'll take care of that later. If wanted, take the glitter and apply with a eyeliner brush onto the snowflake as well. You should end up with a frosty, delicate snowflake!
Now, for the blue glitter! Taking a light blue eyeliner, ( i used wet 'n' wild) and apply under the eye, on the inner half, but don't cover the white inner corners! Then blend down a bit. Now take a navy blue eyeliner (this one is wet 'n' wild as well) and apply to outer half, and blend down a bit as well. Then taking your lip balm again, apply a TEENY tiny amount on top of both colors. Then taking the light blue glitter, apply to light blue liner, and put the navy blue glitter on top of the navy blue liner. Now, you can mix those with frosty shimmery powders or eye shadows of the same color as well, but I didn't think about that till I was done)

Now for blush and lips!!
Take a pink shimmer powder, and a warm, rosy pink blush, and mix together. Apply all over cheeks for flushed cheeks that look like you've been out in the snow!

And lips, I used a berry colored lip stain, the topped it off with my Secret Wonderland lip gloss.

Now the look it complete!!!
Hope you enjoyed!

Merry Christmas!!

Sophiiee =D

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girly Gift Ideas

So I lied again!! I said there would probably be no more posts before Christmas, but haha here we are!
Cute girly gift ideas, that you can still buy last minute!!

So for a couple friends of mine, I got them each a bottle of shower gel from Bath and Body Works. I find that if you can choose either the shower gel, lotion, or body spray, the shower gel will give you the most lasting fragrance alone. Also, it was buy 3 get 3 free all their signature collection. And in addition to THAT, i had a $10 off $30 or more! So i got about $60 plus bucks worth of stuff for about $25!! And at checkout, I got a handout about their crazy sale going on after Christmas. I can't wait!! the deals are fantastic!

I got Sweet Pea and Moonlight Path for gifts, Secret Wonderland for myself to complete my set, and the White Citrus set for myself also..haha =D

And then for another friend of mine, she loves girly makeup and stuff, so i made her a goodie bag at walmart!! I got her some nail polish, and makeup that all goes together to create a pretty look.

And for that adorable little girl who loves dogs and jewelry!!
 I helped a lady who came into the place where I worked get a present for her 4-year-old nephew. She wanted a rainbow  stuffed poodle, but her Aunt couldn't find one anywhere. So she went and got a pink poodle, and came back and i helped her decorate it with jewelry and hair accessories! That way, the little girl can wear them too!

Hope this helps ya'll with some last minute gifts!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Sophiiee =D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Alright alright....

I am so sorry, I know i said i would have lots more posts coming soon, but i lied..haha I've been busy Christmas shopping, working, and multiple other things, and just get too lazy or forget to blog. But after the holidays!! I  PROMISE there will be more consistent posts. =) And also, I hope your looking forward to the last week of trying the Rimmel London Lash accelerator mascara!! And I dont know if i have said this already, but I will be posting knitted stuff, makeup tutorials, ALL THIS AND MORE!!!! hahaha

If I dont post during Christmas (probably not) then


Sophiiieee =)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Haul =)

So todays post is about the highlighted items from the haul I have purchased. Hope all of you wanting to try these items found this helpful =)
 This is really the best red lipstick ever.
Maybellene Colorsensational Lipstick in Red Revival

 EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop. This smells and tastes really really good! Its like those sour lemon heads..but its not sour, haha.
 So I've been having a recent obsession with candles..I have purchased almost all the ones Walmart carries. I also have the cranberry mandarin, not pictured.
The Walmart candles are cheap, but give 'em a few minutes and the really smell up the area. My faves are the Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla, and the Mulled Cider. They are warm and cozy scents, and I LOVE lighting them and curling up in my cubby hole in my room, knitting and playing Taylor Swift during this bitter cold weather.

 This one smells sooooooo good!!!  (they all do, but this one especially)
 This was  a Christmas gift from my neighbor. I am obsessed with this scent!!
 The lip gloss smells and tastes AMAZING!! Like, why oh why didn't i discover Bath and Body Works lip glosses sooner? This one is white and shimmery. But its really wearable alone, or on top of lipstick to dress it up.
 Calvin Klein sweater $25 at fave store..ever.
This sweater is the perfect holiday sweater for me. Red, and sparkly. =)

So thats all for now. And just to let ya'll know, I'm not showing you this stuff to show off or anything, It's kinda like a mini-review, and also a way of  recommending products and stores to you. =)


Sophiiee =D