Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Piano Recital

Was able to get my hands on this GORGEOUS green dress for my senior piano recital. Paired it with nude heels and gold accessories. 
Wish I had gotten more pictures, but oh well. I'm sure I'll be wearing it again this summer!
Also, watch out for a new makeup tutorial for the look I'm wearing here. So pretty up close!
Me and my younger sister, Clara. She plays piano as well.

Hope you guys enjoyed!!





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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ruffled Shorts

Loving these new ruffled navy shorts! So many ways I could have styled them, but I chose this way for today.

Close up of my new FANTABULOUS crochet Toms!!

Shorts by Ya clothing
Lace Top by Old Navy
Shoes by Toms



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Monday, May 7, 2012


Was the first one to show up at work today, so I spent some time drinking my coffee and eating a scone, and (using some creative tripod substitutes) sneaked in a few pictures of my outfit with my new shirt!

Blouse by Umgee
Jeans by 7 for All Mankind
Shoes by Toms

Want my beach waves? Check out my tutorial here!!




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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Senior Prom Night!

Hey everyone!!

So this past weekend was Senior Prom!! It was fantabulous.
I found my dress at an amazing shop called Lure in downtown Wilmington when I took a trip there. It's a high-low dress, with flowing strips of fabric as the skirt. I love the ocean, and everything about it, so it immediately reminded me of a mermaids tail and I decided then and there to dress up like a mermaid for the prom, even though I didn't even know the theme till I got there. Turns out the theme was under the sea so it worked out perfectly!
To go with my mermaid-self, I decided to have my amazing hairstylist neighbor temporarily dye some streaks of hair blue and teal, and she styled it for me as well, doing beautiful beachy waves all gathered into a side pony with some braids. Will provide the picture of inspiration for that right below!
Love Blake Lively AND her hair!!

  For my nails, (will upload pics and a tutorial soon!) I got a manicure (my VERY first one ever!) with just white polish, and then did a sponged gradient of gold-green-tirquoise with gold glitter thrown on it. It looked so cool, I can't wait to show y'all! Also, my toes were just painted coral with gold glitter.

And of course, the MAKEUP! If you follow my youtube you'll know that I uploaded a couple of trial makeup looks for prom, but in the end I didn't really like any of them, and I was stuck with winging it the night of. Thankfully, after talking about it with my neighbor when she did my hair, I pictured something with more gold and color, and also sacrificed using my Maybellene Coral Crush lipstick.  So the eyes were gold with tirquoise and purple in the crease/outer v, and then green on the bottom as well as gold glitter with a flushed/bronzed face and pink lips with gold shimmers. It turned out so well, very exited to film the tutorial for it!

Anyways, on to the pictures!! Hope y'all enjoy and don't forget to check out the links near the end!!

Pardon the poor editing skills! Haha

Tail of my dress flyin' around haha
A guy, Matthew and I dancing

Taking pictures!

Makeup close up

Chocolates in graham cracker "sand"!

Frozen yogurt and oh-so-many-toppings at an amazing new bar we have was our prom dinner!

They tossed around a couple beach balls on the dance floor!

Treasure chest decorations, complete with chocolate gold!




 Seeya soon!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catching the Perfect Wave

Hey everyone!!

So today's post is going to be about waves. Not ocean waves, but beachy waves you get after swimming in said ocean!

I know that many of us desire to have the perfectly messed up, wavy hair that the beach gives us, but unfortunately, most of us lack the luxury of living on the coast to be able to take a dip everyday.

To make up for that, I spent a week testing out different ways of waving hair, using different products and methods until I got the perfect beach waves.  

NOTE: I was able to get many different textures of beach waves. I consider all of these beach waves, but my goal was finding some perfectly messy, but still nice, fancy looking waves for prom, because I'm aiming towards a mermaid-y vibe.

Magazines and websites suggested home-made salt sprays, or $30-a-bottle salt sprays. Spending forever curling hair a certain way, or sleeping overnight in some wacky bun.  I tried all the methods that I was able to, (NOT the expensive salt sprays haha) and I'm here to share the instructions and results of each method.

Now, my original plan was to find ones that were as fast and easy as possible, and also I was really avoiding using heat because I don't like damaging my hair. But of course the tried and true method required a curling iron, but it's fast and easy, and doesn't require many products!!

Enough for the intro, here's the lineup!!

So this first method was using a homemade sea-salt spray. I looked up online a common recipe, and I found this one. So I followed the directions, adding some orange essential oil for scent. Afterwards, I used it on my dry hair, and scrunched randomly throughout the time it took to dry.  Here are the results of the spray:


 So, it added some texture, but not what I wanted. 
Next up was trying the same spray, but on my damp hair, (also used a bit of leave-in conditioner and some sun-in) then blow drying it only a bit when it was about 80% dry while scrunch-scrunch-scrunching!
Front, no back view.
I'll say, using it on damp hair worked much better! I had lots of wave and texture and my hair was still soft. Now the downside though, was near the end of the day my hair was SO stringy and gross looking that I couldn't go a second day without washing it. I'm not sure if I used too much conditioner, or what, but it just wasn't too pleasant then.

Next up is using braids and a flat iron!!
Start out with clean hair, air dried or blow dried, either way. Then I used a heat protection spray. (And i added sun-in because I'm lightening my hair still).

Braided my hair into about 5 or 6 sections

Then ran over each section a few times with a flat iron!

Let cool for a few minutes, then unravel!

I'll say this is good for if you want that look like you slept in your braids, but it was more of a crimp-like texture to me, and I didn't like it. Also made my hair quite fluffy, but not the fluffy I like =P

This last method was a last resort because I really really don't like using heat, but I went ahead and, using a 1" curling iron, spend no more than 20 minutes creating this look.


Now this is exactly what I was looking for for prom!! Messy, but put together, and a smidge more curly than natural beach waves. So I went ahead and filmed a tutorial on how to achieve this look! I'll put the video down below. The trick is, even though it doesn't take long, being patient! Only grabbing TRUE 1" sections of hair, and no cheating by making them thicker or anything! Haha because I know I always try and do that, then the result isn't as nice.

Tutorial Here!Tutorial Here!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post, and I really hope you found a method of beach waves that suits you and your hair!!

Let me know of any other methods, I'd love to try them!!!

Sophiiiee =)


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