Saturday, April 2, 2011

Beautiful Waves....Overnight! =)

Hey! This is going to be my first real post since I've gotten back into blogging.
I'm suuuper exited to share with you my fave quick and easy hairstyle.
I have straight, sometimes very flat hair, and I LOVE big, soft, glamorous, shiny, Hollywood waves. I don't like spending lots of time using a curling iron, and who has tons of time to curl your entire head of hair in the morning anyway? Lots of you don't.  Not to mention, the heat damages your hair!
This piece-o-cake tutorial takes about 3 minutes before you head to bed to do. Keep reading to learn how to get those amazing, glam waves, while sleeping! =D
P.S. Using this method can get you a few extra minutes of beauty sleep! And who wouldn't like that? ;)

What you'll need: Volumizing mousse, shine/frizz serum and a brush or comb.
My picks below. I SWEAR by the white rain mousse!!
I get mine for $1, and it. Is. Amazing. (also pictured, Garnier Fructis Brilliantine shine glistening drops)

You want to start out with dry hair, (doing this with wet hair just doesn't work) and take a palm-full amount of volumizing mousse (or if you have shorter hair, use less, longer hair, more) and distribute through hair, working only a tiny bit more at the roots to make sure you have lots of volume there.

Brush hair out and into a tight, high ponytail, as pictured below. (Not the best picture quality, sorry. I don't have a working tripod at the moment)

 Next, start to tightly twist the hair until it starts to coil up itself, like so:
Wind your tightly-coiled ponytail around itself until you're holding the very tip of hair. Hold that tip to your head as you secure the bun with a elastic.
Now, go to bed!!
When you wake up, just take out the elastic and shake it out!!
Comb through with a comb for soft waves, toss your hair upside-down and mess it up for a more messy, beachy texture, or just let it unwind itself, as I did below.
Take a drop of shine serum and gently (or roughly) run through hair to get rid of flyaways and add tons of shine.
Slip on any accessories, or go without. You're all set!

I hope you enjoyed!

Sophiiee =)

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