Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Nails!!

So today I had a bit of spare time (well, if a bit it 2 hours) and decided to paint my nails. So I go up to my tub of about 70+ polishes and tried to choose, then thought, "Hey, it's Halloween! I'll do Halloweenie nails!"  So i grab a bag and fill it with orange, yellow, red, black, and other color bottles, and head out to the porch in the peaceful, nice weather.
Here is what I came up with =)
I am NOT a professional, as you can see, but I did my best! Turned out pretty spooky.

 Candy corn, an "H" for Halloween, bats and a moon, and fangs.
 Jack O Lantern

Hope you liked them!

Seeya later,
Sophiiee =D

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