Friday, September 9, 2011

It's been that long already...?

So I just checked my blog and youtube, and apparently I have been absent for a week!! Ahh! I know that may not be long for some of you, but for me, that's WAY too long. I try to post something every other day. But alas, this week I was busy with work, and I'm also very busy figuring out my after-high-school plans  =) I'm exited! But maybe I should get through senior year first, haha. Oh, and I'm planning my campout I'm having for my 17th BIRTHDAY! I'm gonna be 17 on the 18th. Kinda a mind-boggler (Is that a word?) for me still, and I realized it in July.
Anywhozles, I felt like just blogging about life tonight, (although I have to babysit at 7:15 in the's nearly 1:30am now) just to try and make up for being absent for "so long".  Plus, I realized I don't have many blog rants all. Something different!
So being home-schooled, I just started school this Monday, and my first assignment was to read about and create my resume. The reason I'm doing this is to get a mini "jump-start" on my career in the beauty/fashion/photography world. Where I live there are many many local boutiques that I absolutely LOVE shopping at (probably not the best thing in the world, since I am trying to save for my baby blue antique convertible VW beetle...can you say, DREAM CAR!!), and these stores often run ad's in the local magazines and papers and such. As I was reading around on google, I came across a series of videos (Link below!) on how to be a stylist. That is one of my dream career options. But anyways, she said that to build some experience, ask around offering to assist/shadow at photoshoots or fashion shows. That really lit a light bulb in my head. A) I can build up experience on how to style clothes, B) I can get inspiration for designing clothes, C) I can build up experience on photography and how shoots and shows work, so overall, what do I have to lose?!? That is why I am working on my resume, and then a proposal for when I ask to assist/shadow for them.
In addition to all of that, the salon where my mom gets her hair done, her stylist has offered to let me shadow her for a day. So there's some cosmetology experience! And wait, that's not all. There is also a lady who makes hats and restores vintage ones. My mom ran into her, and she said that I could visit and shadow her as well. There, I'll get design inspiration, sewing experience, and maybe a little fashion history lesson if I get to work with some vintage hats.

Yeah. That's a lot of fabulous opportunities, just here in my little town.
So you know what? Life's throwing me lemons. And, after I can get my hands on some sugar, (and lots of it, I have a sweet tooth =D ) and water, I'm gonna make some pretty awesome lemonade!!! Hahaha I'm such a dork =P

In other news, I have rented this great photography book from the library, (...shoot...that was due 3 days ago...o.O ) and I have read quite a lot of it, and it really does help me understand all those funky buttons and numbers on the DSLR cameras...I want one now. =) The book is called The New manual of Photography by John Hedgecoe. It really goes into great detail about every setting, every lens, every lighting situation you could think of. Or at least I could think of anyway. What do I know, I'm an amateur! For now anyways ;D
I've also been working on knitting lots of hats for my little business. I want to sell lots this winter, and also find other quick patterns to make and sell as well. (Like my page on facebook! Link below.)

Alright, so if I want to function properly at all tomorrow, I need to get some shut-eye. As always, thanks for reading, and don't forget to follow me! =) I got nearly 3000 views, how about 3000 followers? ;D


Sophiiee =)

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