Friday, October 28, 2011

Bobbi Brown Makeover

So if you keep up with my youtube, you know that I just posted a short video reviewing my recent Bobbi Brown   makeover. Here is a list of what they used on me, a pic, and a link to the video!!

First, they washed my face with:
Tube Soap
Hydrating Tonic
SPF lotion
Hydrating Eye Cream

Concealer: Beige
Corrector: Light Bisque

Foundation: Stick Beige
Touch up stick: Beige

Powder: Pale Yellow Sheer
Bronzer: Medium
Blush: Pale Pink

Shadow: Ivory, then ones from the Holiday Black Ruby (?) Palette

Liner: Gel in Caviar Ink

Then I used my own mascara.

Thats everything the listed on the sheet!!
Hope you enjoyed!

Sophiiie =D

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