Sunday, October 30, 2011

Purple Jeans and a Perfect Sweater!

Yesterday I hung out with my friend Kelly, and we had SO much fun!
We went first to a little pumpkin patch so Kelly could get some if my senior pictures (Post with those will be coming too!) and when we crossed the street and went shopping in T.J. Maxx! I had a little leftover on a gift card that I wanted to spend, so I was exited! It took me a while to find stuff (happening wayy to often now whenever I go there) but I finally saw something that caught my eye! PURPLE JEANS! I've been wanting some colored jeans forever, so I saw them and was like MINE. (Anyone remember the seagulls from Finding Nemo? Mine, mine mine MINE!) Anyways I also saw a suuuper soft comfy sweater and boy is it awesome! It sits perfectly and goes slightly off the shoulder, so I got that as well. Down below are the pics!! But first I'll finish off my day. We decided to spend $15 on a ticket to go get scared outta our minds in a haunted house. The place was cool, but we waited an hour and 1/2 in line =P and when we got to the door, Kelly bailed on me! And I'm the most skittish person in the world, so I got a little more nervous than I already was. Alas, I made it through the 20 minute maze, and I actually laughed the whole time...I was kinda disappointed, cause the first maze I went to had me in tears within seconds haha. But who cares, we had fun!! I'll go ahead and stop chit-chatting and get on with the post. Seeya!!!


Candy corn earrings!!

Jeans by U-51
Sweater by Poof!
Boots by Limelight from Rack Room Shoes
Earrings from Claire's
Bracelet N/A
Scarf from somewhere in Italy

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Sophiiiee =)

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