Saturday, December 17, 2011

My Perfect Sweaterdress

Fall came and I wanted a sweater dress soooo bad! All I could think of is how cozy, comfortable, and easy to put together it would be. I had started hunting for my dress a long while ago, but could never find the perfect one. I don't know if its just me, but I'm soooo picky about the kind I wanted. I couldn't be too thin, it couldn't have super giant cables, and it absolutely could NOT have a turtleneck. No way, nuh uh, ain't happening'. Then I went to heaven, (T.J.Maxx) and FOUND it!!! And for only $20 too! It's got this fabulous cowl neck, it's warm and the cables are beautiful, and I just love love love it! It was just barley long enough to wear just stockings with it, (I kinda had to constantly tug it down) but it's a great length for leggings. I'll be trying it with those next. Anyway, I topped it off with some glitzy accessories and went to hand out posters for my towns new years eve party!

The necklace I'm wearing? Take apart the crystallized magnets and turn it into a longer necklace, or a bracelet! All for $12.

Hope you enjoyed!!!

Sophiiiee =)

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