Monday, December 12, 2011

Straight to the Source: Week 1

Hey everyone!
So for the third post in my skin quest series, I said I was going to talk about my diet as of right now, what can go, what can stay, and what I should add.
So first we are going to do a little talking about what the book, Feed your Face by Dr. Jessica Wu, says about foods for acne prone skin. In the book she goes into full detail on each and every bad ingredient out there. What part of it hurts you skin, what does to you skin and how.
Now, as I'm not the author, and have no copyright on this book whatsoever, I can't just copy and paste what she says. So if you do plan on following my journey, I highly recommend getting a copy, or renting one from your local library, for yourself.
Here is a brief list of ingredients of foods I should avoid for acne:
Too much sodium or "iodine"
What is so bad about these foods, is their level on the glycemic index, which is high. (And for those of you who don't know what the glycemic index is,  is basically something that measures how fast your body breaks down foods into glucose.)
The foods that break down faster should be avoided because too much glucose spikes your blood sugar and causes your body to produce more insulin to try and regulate the blood sugar. So the increase in blood sugar apparently leads to more oil production in your skin, and if that excess oil isn't cleansed off regularly and properly, can lead to pimples. Alongside that, is a higher skin cell production and elevated androgens, (which explained in the book are acne-casing male hormones.)

Anyway I'm no scientist or doctor so if I continue talking about all of that I'm going to confuse myself.  (Also, if something I said was wrong, let me know!) I'm going to go ahead and show you all a food journal, which is what I regularly eat from week to week. Of course if varys, but this is an overall view.

Although I drink a lot of coffee and tea, I always have a reusable bottle of water on hand. Always.

Monday -
    Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar
    Mid-morning: Tea and a cookie or some sugary treat
    Lunch: Egg's with half&half, onions, salsa, (or red peppers) chili powder and garlic power and a dash of salt, with some sort of fruit and yogurt, with water and milk.
    Snack: Either Trader Joes ritz wannabee crackers, or candy, cookie, ice cream,      something sugary or salty.
    Dinner: My mom normally makes a meal with a protein, 2 veggies and a salad. I     normally eat just the protein and salad, only veggies if they arn't green.  Water to drink.

    Breakfast: Egg's with cheddar cheese
    Mid-morning: Whatever sweet is lying about the house.
    Lunch: Peanut butter and jelly sandwitch, chips, and some fruit.
    Snack: More of whatever the previous snack was.
    Dinner: Mom's normal food groups.

    Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar.
    Mid-morning: If i get bored I again, reach for whatever is here.   Lunch: Sometimes we go out of town on Wednesdays, therefore we eat out and I get a wrap or some sushi, but when we are home, I have a turkey and cheese sammich with small amount if mayo (too much just sickens me) lettuce, tomato.
    Snack: Repeat.
    Dinner: I normally just have a coffee and some peanut m&ms, because I'm gone at a knitting group during dinner and I go to hot yoga right after that. Then when I'm home I have a plate of whatever my mom made. Or as of this week, a taco bell crunchwrap because our dog Bella ate my dinner. -.- It's always me.

    Breakfast: I skip breakfast a lot of times.
    Mid-morning: Repeat
    Lunch: Pasta Salad or Egg's fixed with all the spices and such.

    Snack: Repeat
    Dinner: Repeat

    Breakfast: Coffee with cream and sugar.
    Mid-morning: Repeat
    Lunch: Sometimes mom takes me and my sister out to lunch at Cookout, where I get a burger with chili, cole slaw, cheese, ketsup, lettuce and tomato, or some chicken nuggets and a corndog with fries and a sweet tea.
    Snack:  Repeat
    Dinner: I eat out with friends this night, and normally have pizza or mexican food. Burritos mainly.

    Breakfast: Skipped
    Mid-morning: I'm normally at work so If I don't have some candy or chips in my purse, it's skipped.
    Lunch: A cheeseburger with lettuce tomato and ketchup. Sometimes bacon.
    Snack: None
    Dinner: Normally this is sleepover night, so it's pizza, doritos, sodas, chocolate. All those bad-mamma-jammas you should stay away from.

    Breakfast: None, I sleep in on Sundays.
    Mid-morning: Chocolate that was purchases over the weekend.
    Lunch: PB&J
    Snack: An apple before I head to a coffee shop, where I enjoy 2 cups of it. Loads of cream and sugar.
    Dinner: Mom's normal mixture of food groups.

So that is a basic overview of my weekly diet. Some of the stuff is repetitive, like breakfast, (or no breakfast) and some of it changes. But as you can see, I have a sugar problem!! Whenever I'm bored, I'll reach for a snack, and I almost always reach for something sugary. Today (Friday) I decided that I will go ahead and start the Feed Your Face diet for a week, and see how it works!! I will list what meal from the book I ate, and also a after picture of my skin. I can't cut cold turkey though, so some of my old habits might remain the same for a bit, but I'll try my best to beat em!

Until then, here is a picture of my skin now. It is dry, I have blackheads, and zits are popping up everywhere. NOT COOL. Let's change that. =)

The black dots mark everywhere I have a problem....that's too many problems! Some are way worse than others though. Thank God for my 24 hour Maybellene concealer!

My first meal from the book!

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