Thursday, December 23, 2010

Girly Gift Ideas

So I lied again!! I said there would probably be no more posts before Christmas, but haha here we are!
Cute girly gift ideas, that you can still buy last minute!!

So for a couple friends of mine, I got them each a bottle of shower gel from Bath and Body Works. I find that if you can choose either the shower gel, lotion, or body spray, the shower gel will give you the most lasting fragrance alone. Also, it was buy 3 get 3 free all their signature collection. And in addition to THAT, i had a $10 off $30 or more! So i got about $60 plus bucks worth of stuff for about $25!! And at checkout, I got a handout about their crazy sale going on after Christmas. I can't wait!! the deals are fantastic!

I got Sweet Pea and Moonlight Path for gifts, Secret Wonderland for myself to complete my set, and the White Citrus set for myself also..haha =D

And then for another friend of mine, she loves girly makeup and stuff, so i made her a goodie bag at walmart!! I got her some nail polish, and makeup that all goes together to create a pretty look.

And for that adorable little girl who loves dogs and jewelry!!
 I helped a lady who came into the place where I worked get a present for her 4-year-old nephew. She wanted a rainbow  stuffed poodle, but her Aunt couldn't find one anywhere. So she went and got a pink poodle, and came back and i helped her decorate it with jewelry and hair accessories! That way, the little girl can wear them too!

Hope this helps ya'll with some last minute gifts!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Sophiiee =D

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