Friday, December 17, 2010

Haul =)

So todays post is about the highlighted items from the haul I have purchased. Hope all of you wanting to try these items found this helpful =)
 This is really the best red lipstick ever.
Maybellene Colorsensational Lipstick in Red Revival

 EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop. This smells and tastes really really good! Its like those sour lemon heads..but its not sour, haha.
 So I've been having a recent obsession with candles..I have purchased almost all the ones Walmart carries. I also have the cranberry mandarin, not pictured.
The Walmart candles are cheap, but give 'em a few minutes and the really smell up the area. My faves are the Cinnamon Roll, Vanilla, and the Mulled Cider. They are warm and cozy scents, and I LOVE lighting them and curling up in my cubby hole in my room, knitting and playing Taylor Swift during this bitter cold weather.

 This one smells sooooooo good!!!  (they all do, but this one especially)
 This was  a Christmas gift from my neighbor. I am obsessed with this scent!!
 The lip gloss smells and tastes AMAZING!! Like, why oh why didn't i discover Bath and Body Works lip glosses sooner? This one is white and shimmery. But its really wearable alone, or on top of lipstick to dress it up.
 Calvin Klein sweater $25 at fave store..ever.
This sweater is the perfect holiday sweater for me. Red, and sparkly. =)

So thats all for now. And just to let ya'll know, I'm not showing you this stuff to show off or anything, It's kinda like a mini-review, and also a way of  recommending products and stores to you. =)


Sophiiee =D

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