Friday, January 7, 2011

I'll be back soon!

I have found out how much it is to get more room for pictures. It's really not bad, so as soon as I get a little more cash in, I will buy it and be back! It should only be a couple weeks. But until then, I went to my picasa uploader hoodahada (i use that word to describe something when im not sure of the name) and deleted some of the photos that I uploaded but didn't use. So I could possibly do a couple more posts!! Until then, Happy New Year to all of y'all!!

So tell me, what did you do at midnight? I had a couple friends over, and at midnight, I skyped my boyfriend, then we all went outside and (tried) to light sparklers...for some reason, they did not want to catch fire for us =P
Before then, we all decked ourselves up with glitter, sequins, and more glitter! I shall upload the makeup I did soon. But we had on sequin skirts, shirts, glitter on our eyes, tons of sparkly jewelry. We could be spotted sparkling from a mile away. After we finished getting ready, we went downtown, where a New Years Eve party is held. All of the town comes, and its kinda lame, but as long as I have friends around me, I'm not bored. =D

So what are some of y'all resolutions? Some of mine include to keep up with the blog (I have a tendency to quit things after a little bit, but I love blogging so I don't plan on stopping) learn how to use photoshop, be healthier (haha that is so cliche` isn't it?), save and buy an iTouch (thats been a resolution for a few years now, I'm not the best saver) and get a new camera. I have my eye on the Fujufilm Finepix XP10. It is waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and freezeproof....I have killed 2 cameras within a couple years and am borrowing my dads at the moment, soooo this should be a good camera for me. Haha....ha =)

Fujufilm Finepix XP10

Anyways, I shall talk to y'all later!!

Happy New Year!!

Sophiiee =D

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