Monday, January 10, 2011

Masquerade Princess Tutorial

I was inspired by a beautiful mask i got from a friend. Pink and gold, with sparkles =)

Also, I'll tell ya that I am not wearing mascara at all here....that lash accelerator mascara is amazing!

So first, put the mask on, and take a white eyeliner and lightly trace the mask where your eye is.

Then, take a gold eyeshadow, and apply all over inner 1/3, including inner corners, being sure to fill in the line. Next, take a pink eyeshadow and apply all over outer 2/3, filling in the line. Be sure to pack it on well.
Good dupes for these eyeshadows  are the CoverGirl Eye shadow singles in Gold Sizzle and Knock Out Pink

Now, take a blue eyeshadow and apply under your eye.

Now its time for sparkle!!!

Take a lip balm, or glitter adhesive (I hear you an get some at Sallys Beauty Supply) and apply right over the blue eyeshadow. Then take a blue glitter, and add some white glitter or white shimmer (i did both, but only enough to add a little extra something) and mix. Apply over blue eyeshadow.

Now take the balm/adhesive and apply over gold and pink shadows. Take a tiny bit of white shimmer, and apply onto gold. Take a pink glitter, mix in white glitter, (just a bit) and apply over pink.

Now take a black shimmery shadow and a liner brush. Dip the brush in the shadow, and apply as eyeliner, exaggerating the shape of your eyes. You can see what I mean in the first picture. Now take the shadow, (or a pencil, gel, ect...) and apply to bottom waterline. Be sure your liner is lining all rims of the eye.
Apply your fave mascara.

Now, assuming you have applied your foundation/concealer etc already, apply a light pink blush. Mix a illuminating tinted moisturizer, and a couple dashes of white shimmer, and apply on top of blush for a beautiful dewy glow.
Apply a watermelon lipstick, topping it off with a white/clear sparkly gloss to center of lips.

Now put on your mask, and Ta-da!! Your a princess =)
Seeya next time!!

Sophiiee =D