Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Straight to the Source: The Beginning

The beginning of my quest didn't start as expected really. I was really just reading a lot of magazines at the time, but I went to the library to check out some books on cosmetology, and in the same section as those books, were books on your skin. I was thinking, "Oh hey, might be something in here that the magazines don't have".  As I was browsing through them, deciding on what ones seem worth checking out, I came across a book called "Feed Your Face" By Dr. Jessica Wu.  I immediately flashed back to a recent Glamour magazine I had read, interviewing some dermatologists, and remember seeing her in the mix.  So in she went with my pile of books.
After a small debate, I decided to read Feed Your Face first. Wow. Suddenly, all of the articles I've read over the years, seemed...not stupid, but not as informative as they could, and in my opinion, should have been.
This book is amazing. Instead of focusing on what to apply to get rid of stuff, she (Dr. Wu) talks all about how your diet is related to your skin condition. It has a chapter for everything. Acne, aging, eczema, hives, hair and nails.  My field of interest would be acne of course. Now as I had mentioned in my previous post, announcing the launch of this series, I've had great skin for most of my life. It was only the past summer when I've had continuing issues. As I read on, I realized why. A) Was because I did stick to a routine (mostly...everyone had those nights where they don't feel like washing their face right? Right.) and b) My diet, compared to the diet she foods she recommended along they way, were very simaler. Of course, there are main foods you should stay away from, because they are the main cause if acne, and one of them is sugar. Bam, that was my weakness.  I discovered that not only was my skin bad because of my bad summer habits, (Again, explained in the previous post) it was my diet over the summer. Although I did like eating healthy, and did so regularly, down in Disney world, I kinda let loose. I was having so much fun I didn't stop to think about the toll all of the sugar wafers, sodas, artificially sweetened tea, (artificial sweeteners, another food to stay away from) candy and so on, would have on my skin. Another skin savage, is too much sodium. Now everyone knows that you need salt.  Your body needs it, and can't survive without it. But there is a point where you've maxed out on it.
Down in Disney, we ate mostly in the cafeteria for breakfast, lunch and dinner, (Aside from the occasional character breakfasts, and dinner buffets) and I knew that the food served there wasn't all fresh and homemade. I don't know this for a fact, but most of what I ate, (Pizza was my fave! I'm surprised I'm not sick of it now.) was probably pre-packaged, frozen, and full of artificial this and that, not to mention tons of sodium! Also me and my friend both stocked up on junk food that you would find in the isle of chips, crackers, and candy at the grocery store. I know for sure it's not all fresh, natural, and low in sodium and sugar.
In the book, she not only tells you what is good for your skin and what isn't, but she goes into a full and easily understandable (Thank goodness, I'm no science whiz!)  description about why these things are good/bad for you, what they do, and how they do it.

Coming up, will be a before picture of my skin now, barefaced, no makeup, right after cleansing,  alongside a food journal. (A list of my regular day-to-day diet).
I will also be talking about the book, and what I should be cutting out of my diet, and what I should replace those cut-out foods with. 

Thanks for reading!
Sophiiee =)

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