Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pictures from the Past

So I am TOTALLY loving the actual fall weather where I live! It was all cold, wet and nasty, but FINALLY I can go outside without freezing my butt off and enjoy the sun on the pretty colored trees, and shop around at my own pace instead of rushing from store to store for heat.
Anyways, I really felt like posting, but had no recent awesome picture to upload, so I decided to just post older pictures that i love. Hope you enjoy! =)

 Looks like a feild FULL of gold to me =D

 This one reminds me of little white-gloved hands =) so cute
 focused on the bug perfectly....

Thats it for today, but I am very proud of myself, I have a couple more posts lined up to do!! 
Sophiie =)


  1. wow Sophie you r really good at photography!!!
    r u taking those just off a digital camera?

  2. Hey! sorry i didnt know you commented on this! but yeah, im using a nikon digital camera.