Friday, November 12, 2010

Makeup Reveiw!

So at my local Big Lots today, I went in and got what ive been wanting for about a week now. And that is some eyeshadow pallettes and lipgloss sets from E.L.F. Cosmetics, all for only $5 each!!
Pretty sweet deal!!

from left to right: Baroness, Dutchess, Princess, Countess, Queen, and Daring
(ha daring is daring to be different..get it? cause every other name was some sort of royal thing but that one? haha....ha)

Neutral Eye Pallette

 Bright Eye Pallete
 sorry if u cant see dont know how many times i tried not to
 get a glare!
 Smokey Eye Pallette
These shadows are absolutley awesome! They feel like..plush when you use them, and are very pigmented. Each pallette comes with how-to instuctions, a brightening eyeliner, (the bright eye pallette comes with brown, the rest black) and a foam tip shadow applicator. The lip glosses are great also, they are sticky, of course, but are all sparkly. They go on sheer. They seem to be very long wearing for a gloss, cause if i hadnt taken it off to eat my pizza, it would have lasted longer than the 15 minutes i had it on. When i took it off, it also didnt wanna budge, so thats a good thing in a gloss, for me.
So I hope this helped any of you interesting in these.
Here is the brands website. Its great, you can get a lot of great-quality stuff for just $1, and shipping is $6 no matter how much you order.
they also had this gift set available, but i didnt have enough cash =P
Hypershine Gloss 
oh, haha aaaand a lip palette too =D
Lip Palette
And the palettes I got today are also available online, but look a little different and have different names.
Eye Palettes

Hope you liked!!

Sophiiee =)

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