Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Glittery Prom Nail Tutorial

Hey everyone! This is (finally!) a post series of what I did hair, makeup and nail-wise for prom. Starting with the nail tutorial! I picked a hot pink polish that matched my dress, but wanted to dress it up somehow. My dress has silver beads on it, and all my accessories were silver so I decided to put silver glitter on it in a gradient fashion. It's super easy, but definitely eye catching and fancy! You'll get tons of compliments on it. I did!

What you'll need: A base and top coat, nail polish in desired color, glitter in desired color, then a fan or small fluffy brush. Here I am using Claires loose glitter in silver, Sally Hanson Double Duty Strengthening base and top coat, Sally Hanson Laquer Shine Nail color, (It's a sample, so it has no name) and a small fluffy brush.

Apply base coat, then 2-3 coats of nail color.

While nail is still wet, dip the fan/fluffy brush in glitter, and dust over half of the nail, at a diagonal. The brush will help the glitter fade out into a gradient on its own.

Apply your top coat and that's it!! It's suuuuuper fast and easy.

I hope you enjoyed!! Seeya soon with how I did my hair for prom.

Sophiiee =)

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