Monday, May 23, 2011

Summer Reading Begins

First of all, sorry about not posting anything in the past week. I will admit, it was part lazy-ness, plus I just got super tired of being on the computer while we are having such awesome weather here where I live, (well, for me at least. I love the heat, almost everyone else I know...not so much.) that I went to the library and bookstore to get started on my summer reading, and have been wrapped up in reading book after book while chilling on the porch with my iPod and sweet tea. I actually am starting my 4th book in a week today. I LOVE reading. Last year I had a goal to read 5000 pages, but unfortunately, I only got to about 2000 because I kinda ran out of books at the library, and my babysitting income wasn't so great then either, so I couldn't buy lots of books. But luckily this year, I have discovered a new author and have some spare cash to feed my obsession as well.
The new author that I have been loving is Deb Caletti.  I was looking in my local bookshop and saw her books, picked one up and read a review on the cover that said "Reminiscing of Sara Dessen's best work" and I was immediately sold, because my favorite author is Sara Dessen. (Who has recently come out with a new book that I purchased, and will start on today.) I am very pleased to have found her books. Although I don't think anyone can quite touch Sara Dessen, these books come pretty close. So far I have read Honey, Baby, Sweetheart and The Fortunes of Indigo Skye. The first is about a shy girl, who falls for the good-looking, rich, thrill-seeking boy who she knows is no good.  A good book with a great lesson hidden there. Pfft, who needs boys?
The latter was really interesting, and I found it very hard to put down. A girl who works in a small-town cafe, where everyone knows everyone, is intrigued by the Vespa guy, an irregular customer who comes in and orders just coffee, that all the regulars are trying to figure out. The girl decides to dig deeper and figure out his story....resulting in a two and a half-million dollar tip.

 I was just on amazon trying to order all of her other novels, as I know they will keep me intrigued this summer.

Also, another book I picked up on a whim is Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist. Most of you probably know the movie. I saw the trailer, but never watched it, but little did I know it was a book too. A great book, quite short though. I finished it within a day. But a fun one, nonetheless.

Still waiting to be read are of course, the new Sara Dessen book, What Happened To Goodbye, and another by Rachel Cohn, "Two Steps Forward" and "Audrey, Wait!" by Robin Benway.

Summer reading Goal: 5000 pages.
Books read: 3
Page total:  789

I hope you readers find this helpful, and also, I would love feedback! I'm going to try to not stick to just beauty posts.
Seeya later!

Sophiiee =)


  1. Hey Sophie! It's Sarah, from the yarn shop. Cute blog ... and great summer reading list! Good luck reaching 5000 pages! If you need another online book source, check out Better World Books. Each book purchase helps promote literacy around the world and saves books from landfills. And my brother started the company :-) Take care!

  2. Hey! thanks so much! And I will definitely check that out =)
    Hope you are doing well!