Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Haul

Spring has definitely sprung where I live...actually, we completely skipped spring and it already feels like summer. It's very hot and humid. But that is normal weather for my state. I have been doing a lot of shopping for loose, summery clothes that will look great but keep me cool, because in my small town, I do a lot of walking everywhere, and I also like to romp around in big fields, goofing off and playing games with my friends.
Here are some of my finds!

This is an absolutely stunning necklace made of silver metal, blue beads and a turquoise stone. The little silver dangley findings make the best sound. This necklace looks pricey right? Well I got it for $10. No, it's no a typo. It was really that cheap! The lady I bought it from, Sue Dille, sells her items in Blacksburg, VA, but doesn't have a website or anything. She was at the little street festival my town holds, where lots of vendors come and sell their items along the streets. I was bummed, because I would LOVE to buy more of her items, but I am writing a letter asking if we could work something out between email and regular mail.

I purchased these earrings from Sue as well, for $8.50. So stunning. Now I just need to find an outfit to wear them with!

For a few years now, I was on the hunt every summer for white, perfectly fitted but not to pricey linen pants. I finally found them at my local resale shop for $6. AMAZING!! I absolutely LOVELOVELOVE them! They are great for summertime, so light and keep you cool. I wore an all white outfit to a little sidewalk festival we had, with some boho jewelry and my straw fedora. I will get some pictures up soon =)

These 2 tops were $4 each, at the resale shop again. They were originally for sale at walmart last summer. They are Op. I wanted them so bad, but was too slow and they sold out before I could snatch them up. But lucky me, they had both prints, my size at the shop!! I got them both of course =)

This is a great forever 21 top I got for $6 at the resale shop. Its quite long, and covers all of my shorts and skirts, so I wear it with my linen pants, or my black capris.

My Aunt Marie gave me this Clinique blush in Cupid. Its super pretty. Its just slightly shimmery, and its pink but also has a slight purple tint to it. To me at least.

Left is 2 swipes, right is 1.

Maybellene eye Quad in Designer Chocolates. Great for something subtle, but natural looking as well with mauve color for a little pop of something.

That is all for this spring haul, I hope you enjoyed!!

Sophiiee =D

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