Sunday, June 26, 2011

My everyday Summer Makeup

So, it's hot and humid outside right? I don't know about you, but I don't want to put on an entire face of makeup that's just going to melt off. So, I adjusted my everyday makeup routine, to one that will survive the summertime. Also, its super fast and easy to create, so if you go swimming and you didn't use waterproof products, but have somewhere to go afterward, you can reapply it in no time.

Now, this does look like a LOT of the "summer pop" makeup tutorials I've seen on youtube, but I honestly have been using this look for forEVER, but didn't get mine up fast enough.

Here we go!

You will need: Peachy or champagne colored shadow, dark brown shadow, your "pop" of color shadow, bronzer and blush, mascara, white eyeliner, and black or brown liner, (liners are optional) and a bright lip color.

Using your (clean!) finger, use the lighter shadow all over the lid, and in inner corners.
Now using your finger again, use the darker shadow on the outer corner.
Apply your "pop" of color underneath the eye, but don't go all the way in. (I just pick a color from my outfit and use one that matches)

Apply the brown or black liner on top lashline, and white eyeliner on bottom. Here I skipped the dark liner and just used white. Apply mascara.
With a big fluffy brush apply bronzer using the e-method on your face, and all over neck and chest. Use the same brush for the blush. (FYI, if you have oily skin, use a translucent powder with a kabki brush before you apply anything on your face. Also, concealer is key if you have dark circles.  I just dab a cream one under my eyes and set it with powder.) Apply your lip color of choice. Here I used covergirl outlast lipstain in a coral color. Can't remember the name.
And there you have a beautiful sun-kissed, summer-tolerant makeup look! Also a little hint: dust translucent powder on your eyelids before applying shadow for extra staying power!

Also, a second easy look. Bronze lids.
Just apply 3 shades: Light gold on inner corners, bronze on lid, and underneath the eye and dark copper on outer corner, and a smudge underneath black liner, mascara and done!

Same face, but I might skip the super bright color and use a light pink shade. Here is that minty covergirl lip gloss in tickled pink. I love those glosses, the colors are great!

I used the 1st, 5th and 7th shadow from the left on this palette. Light champagne color, gold color, and dark brown with gold reflects. This is an elf palette but any shadows will do.

In other news, I just got back home from my trip to Daytona Beach and Disney World!!! I had a FANTASTIC time with my friend Morgan ( Morgan's Blog ) and will be putting up a some pictures from that. 

I hope you enjoyed, and I also plan on uploading these looks in a video to youtube!!

Seeya soon! 
Sophiiee =)

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  1. the make up looks so pretty! love it. you're blogs awesome btw :)