Monday, June 6, 2011

Thrift Store Finds


First of all, I am SO sorry I have not been posting as frequently. I will try my best to post at least twice a week, but I have been so caught up in summer break, I've just kinda forgotten about it. How is your summer break going? I've been swimming almost every day, and I'm going to Disney world soon!

Anyway, into the actual post. I LOVE thrift stores. I believe we have a good one, price wise. It doesn't have many younger clothes, but look hard enough and you shall find some pretty awesome stuff. I've seen lots of other thrift stores out of town, with lots of clothes, even vintage, but they were more pricey for some reason. Here is what I found the other day at my thrift store, all for the grand total of.....$7.

An adorable American Eagle cami. Blue with purple flowers.

A sparkly blue cami.

An L.E.I. Skirt. Purple ruffles, some lacy ruffles also.

Very Vera long sleeved V-neck with giant gems sown down the sleeves.
And an adorable bedazzled bow-shaped hair pin!

A cute blue flower printed belt.
 So that's all for now, and I PROMISE I will stay true to my new post-twice-a-week rule. No, not just promise, PINKY promise!

I will talk to you all later!!

Sophiiiee =D

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