Thursday, June 9, 2011

One Romper, 6 Styles.

Hey everyone!
I am super duper exited about this post, because a) I worked on it for a while and b) its a new series and it's super awesome.
This series will occur when I find a piece of clothing that is super versatile, and will work with many different styles. I will try and make this happen about once a month. It just depends on when I find pieces that will work.

Look #1 - Glitz and Glam

The first look is making the romper look like a more glamorous outfit. I added nothing but sparkles, sparkles, and more sparkles.

Sparkly bangle, sparkly necklace, and sparkly earrings.

And a sparkly belt. I would wear this look with big glam waves, and a bright shimmery eye using a color, or simple winged liner with a bright color.

Look #2 - Funky vintage/boho kinda of look.

I added a vintage gold belt, some handmade glass feather earrings, funky necklace, stone ring, and tribal bracelets. Oh, and you can't forget the straw fedora with feathers in it!

Look #3 - Urban Funk
Here I kept the gold belt, added a fringe necklace, sparkly leather bracelet, and funky sunglasses.

Can't tell, but I am wearing golden gladiator sandals.

My awesome star earrings!

And the gold ring with white studs.

Look #4 - Glitzy Bohemian 

I wore my hair pinned half up. Pretty gold makeup, with maybe green or purple would be pretty. (Any color of choice would)

Chandelier earrings, glitzy bangles, and a gold necklace with unique beads. I also kept that same gold belt, and the gold gladiators.

 Look #5 - Girly!

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!! (with a little sparkle thrown in here and there!) Pink flowered shoes, sparkly flower cocktail ring, flower, pearl, and sparkle statement necklace, purple flower and sparkle bracelet, pink belt, and a pink bow in the hair to top it all off.

I would wear this with soft curls in my hair, and pretty pastel makeup.

This is one of my fave pieces in my jewelry collection. I adore it!

Look #6 - Beachy!

A blue tropical print belt, seashell necklace, flowered hairclip and flower earrings. I also have a pink shell anklet on. And of course, flippy floppys!

That is my dog Bella. She is always wanting attention!
I LOVE the side braid with this look!! Really showcases the earrings and frames the face nicely. A really sun-kissed look, with sheer shimmer and a pop of color on the lids, with pink lips would look great! (Keep an eye out for the tutorial I have on that soon!!)

I know you probably don't want to see my ugly feet, but I realized after I went inside I didn't get a good picture of the anklet.

So those are all the styles I came up with for this romper. I really hope you guys liked this post, and found a styles that suits your personality and inspires you to try it yourself. I would love some more feedback! Please leave a comment!

Seeya next time!!

Sophiiee =)

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