Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting ahead of season - OOTD 8.25.11

Hey everyone!
So even though I absolutley hate whats coming after fall (WINTER!! AHH!) I'm super exited for fall! Not cause school is starting, or because its cooler weather (I enjoy the heat) but because of the adorable fall clothes! As you can see below, I have already tried incorporating fall colors into my palette, and I will have a giant haul soon on a bunch of stuff I have on layaway in some stores where I live.

Here is todays outfit!!
Haha also, I was having lots of fun with picture taking today, as you can tell. It's because the weather was great! I love the heat, (I'm weird, I know) but it's nice for a break...even though the only reason we are having a break from the heat is because we are about to get hit with a hurricane..FUN!!

See my dog Bella under there trying to catch some shade? Hahaha.

New purple highlights!! They are the hair mascara from Sallys Beauty Supply. <3 them!!

Top -
Skirt - Old Navy
Bracelet -Burkes Outlet
Leaf earrings - From a local resale shop.

Thanks so much for reading!

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