Monday, November 21, 2011

Straight to the Source

Hey everyone!
This going to be a tad bit different than my normal posts. Still related to beauty, but instead of focusing on the outside, i.e. what to put on this, how to cover that, creating a look like this, I am going to share some of the knowledge that I have recently gained on going "straight to the source":treating yourself from the inside to better the overall look AND health of your skin. So then you won't have to worry about covering anything up!

What I have been doing lately is reading a lot of books based on skin science. The reason being, is because I never had a problem with my face. I had a routine, and I had stuck to it ever since I started needing a routine. But of course, as time passes, your skin changes and I needed to make a few adjustments.

Over the past summer, I had the fabulous opportunity (Thanks Morgan!) to spend 2 weeks down in Florida at Daytona Beach and Disney World! Next thing you know, I'm spending all day out in the sun, partying, swimming, hugging Mickey Mouse and riding Splash Mountain 3 times. By the end of the day I was exhausted. Did I really feel like washing my face, after sweat, salt, chlorine, change of climate, and everything else taking a toll on my face? Ha wish I had thought that far into it at the moment. Of course I didn't feel like washing my face. So therefore, I didn't stick to my routine as well as I should have.

Leading to coming back home with a wonderful tan, my naturally-highlighted hair lighter than ever, and.....some really messed up skin. My skin was worse than I ever remember. (Aside from the one time I got hives...more on that later on in the series.) I had terrible peeling sunburn on my nose, and I didn't leave it alone (dangit!) so it had led to a big red sore, that no matter what I did, couldn't be covered up. I also had breakouts all over my forehead and chin. Some way worse than others.

Ever since that wonderful, fun filled, amazing summer vacation, I've haven't been able to clear up my skin. 

As soon as I got home, I did get better about my routine again. But then again, it was summertime, and I was up late every night, slept in late every morning, hanging out with friends. So It wasn't as good as a ritual as it should have been, but better than when I was in Florida.

Summer had just now ended (not officially, but the weather went away) then it was freezing, like winter, and just now it had regulated into normal, pleasant, fall weather.  I can imagine my skin going "Get me off this temperature roller coaster!!" Because although my skin is pretty normal in the summertime, it gets so dry in the wintertime, and then fall is the transitioning period for me. They got switched up and around this year and confused my skin. It went from normal, to scaly, flaky dry, to mostly normal. I'm having a big issue with blackheads, not only on my nose now, but they have migrated to my chin. Not happy. And I also get breakouts all over my forehead and around my chin. I even got bangs to cover my forehead, and a couple summers ago I swore I was never going to get bangs again, because they made my situation worse. (That was summertime, so it was more of a problem with the sweat and greasy hair.) I was so fed up with trying to clear up my face, switching my routine, buying this and that, that I decided to check out some books at my local library on skin, and started reading.

I have discovered so much more about skin science, not to mention about hair and nails too, and I'm so exited announce that I am going to make a new series of posts on it. I'll be reading, sharing the book titles, any proven remedies, tracking my skin, watching for any breakouts and patterns, and also experimenting with my (and everyone else's) source to great skin. My diet.

If you would like to learn more alongside me in my quest for great skin, follow my blog and keep and eye out for my skincare posts, (as well as the other fashion/beauty posts) and we'll see where it goes!!

Sophiiee =D

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