Saturday, July 30, 2011

Mary Kay Party

Hey everyone! So Friday evening I was invited by one of my best friends, Kelly, to come with her to a Mary Kay party. We thought you had to dress up a bit (you didn't) so we both put on floral dresses, and I curled my hair and put on my fave new lipstick (Revlons Colorstay matte lipstick in Pink About It). I wish I had gotten a  picture of us both dressed up so I could show you all, but my brain was in makeup land at the moment. The party was great, we got pedicures, and I purchased a coraly-pink lipgloss and a lipliner. Though I wanted much much more ;)
So anyways, here is what I wore!

Tehe...just felt like doing that for fun xd

Dress from T.J. Maxx
earrings from my local consignment shop
Mustache necklace from my local coffee shop and handmade market
shoes are Dexter from Payless

Hope you enjoyed!

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Sophiiee =)

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