Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daytona Pictures!

So, as I promised, here is the post of fun pictures from Daytona beach!

Just after getting ready for a night out of shopping, eating, and more shopping...and scoping out hot guys at the Walgreens..hahahaha

These adorable kids came and wanted us to play with them in the pool. Too cute =)

Just arriving at our hotel, Daytona Beach Resort. supah pretteh flowahs!!!

Going to the boardwalk!

The epic fountain in the kiddie pool, haha

On the ferris wheel!

I almost did this...but it was $25 per person

Got our t-shirts!

Couldn't resist posting this xD

On the beach at night!

I made a mud castle....and  a moat to go with it to keep the tide from washing it way. Hahaha, I'm such a weirdo...

Well, those are all the fun Daytona Beach pictures!! Up next, Disney pictures!!!


Sophiiee =D

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