Thursday, April 7, 2011

Forever Florals - Outfit of the Day 4/6/11

So today I am babysitting twice, and I wanted to choose something comfortable and kid-safe (i.e. no heels, I gotta chase them, and not a ton of jewelry for anyone to tug on, etc etc..) but still cute and colorful. Here is what I came up with!

Top is forever 21, but I got at a consignment shop
Jeans a gift from a friend
Necklace I made
Flip-flops are Banana Republic from a thrift shop
Bracelet and ring, from my mom and a friend.

Hope you like!
Also, the title I came up with because It's a floral shirt from forever 21, therefore, Forever Florals xD

Sophiiee =)

P.S. I changed some things on my blog! I added twitter and facebook share gadgets, a poll and also a box that shows my most recent tweets. =) How do you like it?

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