Monday, April 18, 2011

Prom Night!

So if you keep up with my blogs, you know that I went to prom on Saturday. (April 16th)
It was absolutely freaking awesome.
Here is a play-by-play of how my day went.

I woke up at 6:15 in the morning (TOO EARLY) for a shooting match that was an hour and 1/2 away. My date Mark was on the team too, so we got to hang out all morning. His dad came to pick us up at around 11, so we had plenty of time to get ready for prom.
I arrived home around 12:30. I went down the street to pick up the boutonniere, and came back home to get ready.
As I was doing my hair, my sister came up saying there was a tornado watch in our area. That freaked me out a bit. Thankfully, the watch ended in our area, though another city not far from me did get hit.
The worst thing that came from the weather was humidity. And if your a girl, humidity=frizzy hair OR in my case, hair that will NOT hold a curl. I curled it twice, but it still fell out. Oh well, it still looked pretty.
I continued getting ready, washed my face, did my makeup (post on my hair and makeup later) and had my sister tie me into my dress. I timed it just perfectly, having a few extra minutes to just chill and pack some after-party clothes before Mark got to my house. He arrived at 4:30, and we did the corsage and boutonniere, and lots of pictures, and then we left for his house. There we got more pictures taken, and then the limo arrived with the rest of our group. There were even MORE pictures, and then we were off. We had some time till out 6:15 reservation and Bonefish,  so we decided to stop by no other than, Walmart! A couple of the guys got 5 Hour Energy for later that night, and I got a Kit Kat bar. So then we went to the restaurant. I ordered the burger, Mark got Bang Bang Tacos. While we waited on our food, we asked for some crayons because there was a paper tablecloth. So everyone got some crayons, and there were tic-tac-toe games, and pictures everywhere.  We finally got our food, it was very very good. I had my friend Sara help me loosed the ties on my dress though. xD It was a pretty decent sized burger! But i managed to eat it all. After dinner, we had even more time to spare before prom, so we rode the limo over to Ross, and goofed off in there. So finally, it was time for prom. We arrived at 8, when it started, but no one was there yet so we hung out in the limo for another 20 minutes, and yes got more pictures, haha. Then, we had the limo driver pull up, so we arrived in style. ;D
The prom was just amazing. Tons of dancing, lots of breaks from dancing, and priceless pictures.
we left prom a little bit early, because people were already starting to clear out. The limp dropped us off at Marks house, and we all changed and headed to Marks friend, Austins house. There, we just chilled, talked, and I mainly slept, haha. It was 2am, so I had been up for nearly 24 hours.

Here are some pictures of that special night =)

Our Walmart trip =D

Inside the limo!!

At dinner =)

All the guys. (Alexander in the middle)

The whole gang. Half serious, half gangster xD

Moonroooooof! Me and my friend Sara.

The girls =)

The guys at the after-party. Austin, Cody, Mark, and Jordan.

The girls at the after-party. Taylor, Me, and Kylie.

I had so much fun at prom! I hope you enjoyed this post, and your prom is just as special =)

Sophiieee =D

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