Wednesday, April 6, 2011

T.J. Maxx Haul! (well, mini haul)

Hey everyone!
So today I have a little haul of items I got at t.j. maxx to share with you. I absolutely LOVE that store. If people ask me where I got this shirt, or that outfit, the answer is normally one of few. "Well, this is from t.j. maxx, this is from t.j. maxx and this is from t.j. maxx." Or, replace the t.j. maxx with a resale shop or thrift shop. These few stores are just amazing!

So here are some of the things I got over the weekend.

This is the CUTEST little netbook case! I was saving up for a $40 Vera Bradley one, but this one is just as cute, for only $10! 

Little pockets inside for a phone or pens. I use the pocket for the charger. It ends up looking like a pregnant laptop case, but hey it works right?

The fabric is pretty thick, so If i did drop my laptop it shouldn't get hurt. (But I'm not going to be testing that feature out xD )

I was interested in getting reusable coffee cups for the longest time, because I get coffee almost every single day. That adds up to a lot of paper cups. The reusable ones at Starbucks were always too pricey! But not at t.j.'s! These were $6 each. I LOVE the cute hearts on the pink one. The yoga one is great too because I am a yogi myself. xD (they are ceramic, double-walled with a silicone lid, just in case you wanted to know)

For some reason, I have been into oversize shirts. This one is adorable! its really thin and soft, perfect for summertime. I could picture it on someone drinking coffee in a cute little french coffee shop, or at the beach, paired with nautical accessories. (Look for a outfit of the day post soon including this shirt!) This shirt was $13, as most of their shirts are.

The brand of the shirt.

OHmygod I love this shirt. I love girly patterns, (the little bows) and off the shoulder shirts, and this one is just too cute! I will be doing an outfit of the day for this one also. It was $13.

Now the following pictures are not of items from t.j. maxx, but of items from my FAVE consignment store. I wish I could tell y'all the name, but then a creeper could google it and the location of it, and next thing you know I've got myself a stalker. =P  But anyways, these are adorable. I had to have them the moment I saw them. The brand is Pierre Dumas, and I got them for half price, at $6.

A tunic shirt, its loose up top, and has ruching (is that correct?) near the bottom. Looks great with leggings, and that is one cute, but effortless outfit. Great for Sundays when I want to look cute, but don't want to spend lots of time picking out everything I want to wear. This was half price as well, for $5.

Haha this shirt I am going to wear to my hot yoga classes! Its a little crop top, with a yellow bow-tie at one shoulder, and an off the shoulder sleeve on the other.  And, obviously, says hotness xD This was only $3. (yes, half price xD ) Brand is Mark Ecko.

I hope you enjoyed my little haul!
I'll talk to y'all tomorrow.

Sophiiee =)

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