Monday, April 4, 2011

Neon Rave Makeup

Hey everyone!

So I got invited to a neon rave this Friday, and automatically got exited about the makeup I was gonna do!

Last night I found some time to experiment with what I had, and came up with 2 looks.

One is hot pink and lime green with glitter, and a bubble gum pink lip, as pictured below.

 Very sorry this one is sideways, I forgot to flip it before I uploaded it! Also, picture quality is not the best because I was tired and didn't want to spend too much time on this. I wanted to sleep xD

Below is the second option. I used bright turquoise, hot pink, and purple glitter with a bright, blue-based pink lip.

Tell me what you think I should do! I love both of them I can't decide!

I am going to briefly talk about how I got these looks below, if you are interested in re-creating them. =)

Hot pink and lime green look:
First I used a hot pink shadow from my L.A. Colors wildflower palette, and put tht all over the middle of my lid and blended slightly upwards.

Then I took a lime green from my Sally Beauty connectables and applied this to outer half, blending it out as well.

And for the inner corner, I took a silver shadow from my neutral eye E.L.F. palette and put it right in there. (It was really the smokey eye palette, but I got these from big lots for $5 because they made a few mistakes with them)
I used the shadow on the far upper right. 

So you should end up with this:
Oh and don't forget to drag some of the green and silver underneath the eye as well. Next step, add a thin line of black liquid liner, and use a black pencil to tightline your upper inner rim and line your waterline. I used N.Y.C. Liquid liner and my E.L.F. Brightening eyeliner in black.

Glitter time!!
I took a lip balm and dabbed a tiny amount all over my lid, (not too much or your eyeshadow will crease, just enough to hold onto glitter)
I used my claires silver cosmetic glitter and pressed this all over my lid. Not too much because you want to be able to see the color through the glitter.

Add mascara, and your lip gloss/stick and your good to go!

Now for look #2!
Take a bright turquoise eyeshadow and apply on lid up to crease. I used L.A. Colors eyeshadow in teal. Now take the same hot pink I used before from the palette, and blend into crease, being sure to blend the line between the pink and teal.

Taking a purple eyeshadow, OR a bright purple eyeliner. I used a shadow, but then remembered my N.Y.C. liquid liner in Ultra Violet. (the shadow is from my L.A. Colors wildflowers palette as well.)
Then take your lip balm again, and apply over purple shadow/liner, and out past your brow, in kind of a triangle shape. You can see the picture above as a reference.
Take purple glitter and apply all over lip balm.

I used Sally Beauty cosmetic glitter in violet vixen.
Now apply a thin line of liquid liner to this look as well, then tightline the upper rims and waterline with a black pencil, fairly thick. Add mascara, and lipstick and your done! (If you were wondering, I just did some light blushes, so I didn't overpower the look.)

I used Wet 'n' Wild  lipstick (the $1 kind) in 521A.

I hope you enjoyed these looks!

Sophiiee =D

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  1. You're really pretty!
    Your eye make up reminds me of the Italian flag :)